Best Electric Scooter Under 300

 I have reviewed the 33 Best electric scooter under 300 out of which I selected the most reliable top 5 Best electric scooter under 300  

As a disciplined parent, you must always hunt for the means to indulge your kids in healthy outdoor activities.

Online studies via smartphones, tablets, and laptops during this coronavirus pandemic may alarm you about your kids’ health.

Kids, young girls, and boys from the age of 8 -12 years demand extra fun and entertainment. To meet their excitement, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars.

Don’t worry! The well-engineered best electric scooter under 300 usd provides support and balance over the rolling wheels.

You can give them a safe ride to roam in the neighborhood, travel to nearby shops, or for fun racing with friends.

Let’s have a look at some of the best electric scooters under 300 usd models available in the market by trusted brands to be at your doorstep.

Top 5 best electric scooters under $300 Reviews For Quick Pick

Here is the Quick Pick table of the best electric scooters under 300


 Swagtron SK3 Best electric scooter under 300

20 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 19.75 x 26.5

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Razor E90 Glow Best electric scooter under 300

Weight: 221.65 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 32 x 13 x 33 inches

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Mongoose React Best electric scooter under 300

Weight: 17.5 pounds
Warranty: 1-Year
Dimensions : 30 x 27.5 x 38 inches

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L.O.L. Surprise Best electric scooter under 300

L.O.L. Surprise! 550E Electric Scooter

Weight: 2.20 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 14.4 x 36.7 x 36.2

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Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard & Scooter for Kids Best electric scooter under 300

Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard & Scooter for Kids

Weight: 17.6 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 33 x 16 x 39 inches

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Best Cheap electric scooter under 300 Reviews Buyer Guide

I have selected the top 05 most reliable brands, Best electric scooter under 300.

  1. Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter
  2. Razor E90 Glow Electric Scooter
  3. Mongoose React Electric Kids Scooter
  4. L.O.L. Surprise! 550E Electric Scooter
  5. Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard & Scooter for Kids

1. Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter

 Swagtron SK3 Best electric scooter under 300 Price at Amazon

Hang on, Show Off & Ride On!

A budget-friendly electric scooter that is equally durable as the expensive one is hard to find. Here we have a perfect solution for you.

Swagtron is a dedicated brand for mobility products for personal transportation, including e-bikes, hoverboards, electric-skateboards, Kick scooters, and more.

The durability, functionality, and performance are the virtual reason for its recognition in the outdoor recreation industry.

Let’s explore Swagtron SK3 Electric Scooter to value the money.

This model is equipped with a cruising motor that delivers a traditional kick to boost the speed on the user demand up to 7.5 mph.

The front wheels are 4.7 inches along with sparkling red/green light LED to enhance the look and feel of the ride.

The adjustable aluminum-made stem can extend from 31 to 38 inches to adopt the settings well-suited to your kid’s height.

The dual control lets you drive the scooter as a manual one as well as an electric scooter. Turn on the boosted mode for an electric start-up.

This model is best suited for kids under the age of 8 to 12 and weighs up to 135lb. The deck is wide enough to support riders with wide feet.

The heavier rider near weight capacity may require extra effort to drive it.

The rear footbrake helps to stop the scooter easily. It is equipped with a simple control braking system.

What we Like!
  • Anti-slip deck
  • 4.7” Flashing LED light wheels
  • Electric Boost
  • Kid-friendly
  • Weight capacity 135lb.
What we Don’t Like!
  • Short-range

2. Razor E90 Glow Electric Scooter

Razor E90 Glow Best electric scooter under 300 Price at Amazon

Provide personal transport to your kids for fun, adventure, and entertainment for just under 300 dollars!

Razor is a market-leading brand for its skates, stake boards, and scooters. One can find hovertrax, kid’s scooters, electric scooters, and others.

Enjoy a glowing and lighting ride with Razor E90 Glow Electric Scooter!

The wide deck is embellished with an electroluminescent wire and 6 other LED lights below the deck. The lightning feature amuses the kids and highlights the entire electric scooter.

A 90-watt hub motor provides high-torque and smooth acceleration. The rider can activate the motor simply by pushing the regulator.

The best part is! This power core hub motor is maintenance-free and easy to start.

You can ride it up to 60 minutes continuously after one complete charge of a 12v lead-acid rechargeable battery.

The other prominent features include a front brake to be operated by hand and a retractable side-kick to stand the scooter.

The entire structure of this electric scooter is made up of steel including the frame, deck, and kickstand.

Therefore, it is a lightweight and highly durable model to invest in for kids.

The front-wheel is made up of urethane that has great resistance to wear and tear. However, it is hard to ride on rough roads.

As compared to other competitors’ electric scooters, this model is safer due to its hand brake and steel construction.

What we Like!
  • Entire steel construction
  • Lightweight
  • Front brake
  • Kickstand
  • Glowing lights
What we Don’t Like!
  • Moderate Battery life

3. Mongoose React Electric Kids Scooter

Mongoose React Best electric scooter under 300 Price at Amazon

The young girls and boys at the age of 8+ demand more fun and excitement!

Let them enjoy the rooming around the neighborhood or inside the premises of the colony with Mongoose React Electric Kids Scooter.

Mongoose has been known in the outdoor recreation industry since 1974. The trademark of this brand is highly-efficient and user-friendly designs for BMX bikes, scooters, fat tires, and others.

Mongoose React Electric Kids Scooter is great fun for kids with ages ranging from 8 to 11years while maximum weight up to 120 pounds.

The powerful belt-driven motor drives the electric scooter at the speed of 6 mph. The motor has low maintenance and ultra-quiet throughout the ride.

To get the electric boost of speed, press the throttle push-button near the handle. With one complete charge of a long-lasting lead-acid battery, you can travel up to 7.5 miles away.

The 145 urethane-made wheels are durable and highly resistant to damage. It offers a stable and smooth ride all through the way.

Moreover, the rear brake system stops the electric scooter in a simple and safe way. The rider can press the brake with a simple press from the rear feet to stop the motor.

Some users found hand-brakes more interactive as compared to the rear brake.

The entire model is made up of aluminum that makes it easy to store and transport.

What we Like!
  • Resistant-free
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum capacity of 120 pounds
  • Rear brake system
  • Urethane made wheels
What we Don’t Like!
  • No Led’s

4. L.O.L. Surprise! 550E Electric Scooter

L.O.L. Surprise Best electric scooter under 300 Price at Amazon

Looking for a budget-friendly electric scooter to engage your kids in healthy outdoor activities? Here we have an option for you!

L.O.L. Surprise presents a great solution in this regard by launching its model 550E Electric Scooter.

Apart from electric Scooters, you can find a wide range of toys under this brand including fashion dolls, wood houses, animal collections, and other toys.

Enjoy a ride of 40 minutes up to 6 miles away at one full charge of the battery. The easy thumb control push-button throttle provides a speed boost up to 10mph.

The chain-driven motor is fully enclosed to keep it safe from wandering fingers. This covered side protects the motor from getting damaged from the debris or dirt.

In order to handle the bumpy roads, the L.O.L. Surprise! VR 550E electric scooter is equipped with polyurethane-made wheels. The hand-operated brake systems ensure precision and performance.

To give high visibility, the electric scooter is equipped with LED lights to roll on the roads with style.

The offered distance covered and riding time is less as compared to other competitor’s electric scooters, but, you may need to invest a few pennies more in those models.

Stand your scooter with style by availing the kickstand that is driven by a spring-folded mechanism. The model comes with included accessories to assemble the scooter in a few minutes.

What we Like!
  • Reliable technology
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hand activated brake
  • 40 minutes runtime
  • Travel 6 miles away
What we Don’t Like!
  • No adjustable height

5. Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard & Scooter for Kids

Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard & Scooter for Kids Best electric scooter under 300


Price at Amazon

Avail scooter and a Skateboard 2 in1 exclusive model, by investing less than 200 dollars!

A practical approach to design a scooter that can convert into a skateboard by Hover-1 is incredible.

Hover-1 is one of the most demanding brands for electric rideables including hoverboards, electric scooters, hoverboard attachments, and other accessories.

The maximum weight capacity is 132 lb. and can cover a distance of 6 miles away. The brushless 90-watt motor drives the electric motor at the speed of 7 mph.

This model is equipped with 5-inch tire wheels to provide a stable and safe ride. These wheels are highly resistant to wear and tear.

The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery has water resistance properties. The battery capacity is about 25.2 volts at the rate of 2Ah.

The best part is! It has a remote install on the handlebar to control your scooter. This remote controls the brake, reverse, and throttle of the electric scooter.

The led lights make the entire ride colorful and delightful for the kids.

However, It may get fused over time.

Simple lock and release mechanism for the conversion of the electric scooter to a skateboard. Easy to attach and detach the handle.

Adjustable height lets you grow the size relative to the size of the kid.

What we Like!
  • Remote Clicks
  • 90-watt electric motor
  • 6 miles distance covered
  • LED lights
  • Adjustable height
What we Don’t Like!
  • Heavy as compare to other models

Factors to consider before choosing the best electric scooter under $300 – A complete buying guide!

A great competitor’s brands are available in the market offering a diverse range of features. Before you make the final decision, here are a few factors that you must consider before buying the best electric scooter for under 300 dollars.

  • Portability

An ideal electric scooter should be portable and easy to fold to put in small areas. Portable scooters are useful because they can be placed in the classroom, and at the office without disturbing others.

  • Power

The power source in an electric scooter is either a lithium-ion battery or a lead-acid battery. Most commonly lead-acid batteries are used in electric scooters.

The power supply of a lead-acid battery is up to 250W but requires more repairs and less durable.

At 250 watts power supply, an electric scooter cannot handle steep hills and ascents and this problem is solved by scooters with over 400W.

  • Belt or Chain Drive:

The power drive system is also an important factor to consider. According to many customer’s feedback, belt drive scooters are silent but require an occasional change of the belt.

While the chain drive scooters last longer but are noisier as compared to the belt drive. The chain drive is good for high-speed scooters, while the belt drive is suitable for low-speed scooters.

  • Speed:

The best electric scooter under 300 can achieve a maximum speed of 20 mph. However, some heavy-duty electric scooters can attain a maximum speed of 40 mph by rolling out over 2000W of power.

  • Smart apps:

Another important feature to consider is connectivity. It is seen that with the advancement in technology, modern scooters may have Bluetooth connectivity features.

This feature allows you to get figures like distance traveled, speed, and battery life. Moreover, with the help of the smart app, you can engage alarm systems, change driving mode, and disable lighting.

  • Braking:

Braking is the most important factor to consider. At the bottom, scooter brakes differ as to the regenerative braking system in comparison to the foot brake.

The foot brake is mostly used in the kids’ scooters and activated by pushing to the rear fender and best for low-speed electric scooters. You can find hand brake systems in a few models as well.

According to customer’s reviews, disc brakes are the best as at high speed they have more stopping power.

  • Tires/Wheels:

Your comfort is linked with the tires of an electric scooter. The tires either have air-filled or non-air tires.

The air-filled tires are shock absorbers but need high maintenance like punctures and air refills.

While the non-air tires offer zero maintenance but give you an uncomfortable and jerky ride. For any type of tire ensure the suspension of the electric scooter.

Apart from the fill, you must have a look at the composition material of the wheels to ensure its durability. The urethane made wheels are mostly preferred by the riders.

  • Materials

The durability of an electric scooter depends upon the materials used. An inexpensive scooter may seem ideal but offers you constant maintenance due to breakdowns and repairs.

Similarly, non-coated electric scooters will get corroded after a couple of months. The frame structure made from aluminum and steel is lightweight.

You can easily carry them on a bus or to the school.

Frequently asked questions about cheap best electric scooters under $300

  • What is the net value of an electric scooter?

The worth of an electric scooter varies from brand to brand. However, the best electric scooter can cost as cheap as $100 and as expensive as over $1000.
You can find the best electric scooter for under 300 dollars for kids as their weight capacity is limited to 150 lbs

  • How far an electric scooter can go with one complete charge?

The one complete charge can give you a ride of 5 miles to 50 miles depending upon the model, powerful battery, and other aspects of the model you choose to buy.
Some weather limitations such as rainy or cold weather may affect your range as well.

  • How does the weight capacity affect the performance of a scooter?

Yes, weight capacity is an important factor to consider. If you weigh heavier than the maximum limit then it may lead to difficulty in ridding. Moreover, it may get damaged after a small interval of usage time for more than recommended weight pressure.

  • Can I carry my electric scooter with me on a bus?

If you require to carry the electric scooter on a bus, then look for light-weight aluminum or steel made models

  • What is the weight of an electric scooter?

The electric scooters weigh less to add the portability factor to the design You can find an electric scooter within the weight limit of 15lbs. to 50 lbs. Mostly the electric scooter with heavy-duty batteries weighs more.

  • What is the maintenance cost of an electric scooter?

The maintenance cost is quite low. You just need to charge the battery and place it inside the port. The electric scooter is ready to go. Just keep it in use, for reducing other motor degrading issues.

  • Are cheap electric scooters safe to use?

Make sure that the electric scooter you intend to buy belongs to a reputable brand such as hover-1, Swagtron, etc. You can find safe models at cheap rates if you follow the maximum weight constraint.

  • What is the charging time of an electric scooter?

The complete charging of an electric scooter takes 2 to 3 hours. It depends upon the model of your electric scooter. If your model uses a higher battery life anatomy then it may take more than 4 hours to charge fully.

  • How would I come to know that my electric scooter is fully charged?

A solid green light will turn on when your battery is completely charged. Avoid overcharging batteries as it may affect the lifespan of your battery.

  • Should I strictly follow the weight limit?

The electric scooter shows a little bit of flexibility when it comes to the weight limit. However, it is advisable to follow the weight limit for the durability and performance of the electric scooter.


So! What are you waiting for? Buy the best electric scooter under 300 dollars and enjoy the performance and durability just like an expensive one.

Editor choice is Hover-1 Switch 2 in 1 Electric Skateboard & Scooter for Kids due to its switching properties. It ensures double fun for the price of one.

Grab your hands on this best electric scooter under 300 that is a lightweight, wide deck, quick brake controls, and a quiet motor.

Enjoy the ride over the rolling wheels just in a few dollars!

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