Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

 I have reviewed the 35 Best climbing shoes for wide feet out of which I selected the most reliable top 05 Best climbing shoes for wide feet 

There are many of us who live for thrill and adventure. Whether it’s trekking or rock climbing, enthusiasts need to do it all.

However, the adventure can quickly turn into a nightmare if you aren’t equipped with the right gear.

Climbing shoes are a crucial part of your climbing equipment.

Without the right shoes, you can end up risking an injury especially if you have wide feet.

The only solution to it can be buying the best climbing shoes for wide feet.

When it comes to wide feet, you have to be extra careful about the design and performance of the shoes.

Luckily, this complete guide on climbing shoes is all about helping you choose the best climbing shoes for yourself by considering some important parameters. You need to think about the material, the comfort, the fitting, and even about your climbing style.

Top 5 Best climbing shoes for wide feet Quick Pick

Here is the Quick Pick table of best climbing shoes for wide feet


BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

1.46 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 12.76 x 5.98 x 4.02 inches

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Scarpa VS Climbing Shoe Men's Instinct Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Weight: 1.7 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 13 x 5 x 7 inches

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Five Ten Climbing Shoe Men's Anasazi Moccasym Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Weight: 1.92 pounds
Warranty: 1-Year
Dimensions : 12.7 x 6 x 3.8 inches

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Sportiva Men's Miura Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Sportiva Men’s Miura

Weight: 1.04 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 14 x 7 x 5 inches

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Tenaya Oasi Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe

Weight: 1.99 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 14 x 7 x 5 inches

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Best Cheap Best climbing shoes for wide feet Reviews & Buyer Guide

I have selected the top 5 most reliable brands Best climbing shoes for wide feet.

  1. BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock
  2. Scarpa VS Climbing Shoe Men’s Instinct
  3. Five Ten Climbing Shoe Men’s Anasazi Moccasym
  4. Sportiva Men’s Miura
  5. Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe

1. BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock

BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet


Price at Amazon

Adventurer lovers are enthusiastic to reveal the glory of uncovered ravishing lands.

Don’t need to compromise on your passion if you have wide feet!

BUTORA is a top-rated brand for its highly flexible, soft, and durable hiking shoes. One can find wide feet, narrow low, youth shoes, and more.

The Slogan of this brand is “the natural choice for every climber” which shows its dedication towards its goal.

Let’s explore one of its exceptional model BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock designed for people with wide feet.

This model is a down-turned, comfortable climbing shoe wrapped in the fuse sticky rubber. It will be a perfect companion to provide luxurious comfort throughout the day.

The best part is! It is ideal to use for gym climbing, bouldering, and steep sport climbing.

The triple split closure system provides a perfect fit along with a quick open and close mechanism. The adjustable strap and quick closure contribute to its market demand.

As the outer sole of this model is made up of sticky rubber, therefore, highly convenient to surpass the edgy stones.

In order to make a proper down-turn, the shoe is infused with ABS midsole that adds flexibility for the user.

The down-turn shape may lose its grip in cracks or smear.

In addition to this, a large sleek sticky rubber patch is attached to the toe for extraordinary sensitivity for toe hooking

What we Like!
  • Turn-down shape
  • High tension heel
  • Sticky rubber sole
  • Award-winning shoe
  • Quick closure
What we Don’t Like!
  • Limited color variations

2. Scarpa VS Climbing Shoe Men’s InstinctScarpa VS Climbing Shoe Men's Instinct Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Price at Amazon

Do you want to surpass the edgy paths and micro-flakes without any stress on wide feet?

Scarpa VS Climbing Shoe Men’s Instinct is the perfect solution for you.

Scarpa is one of the market-leading brands for its athletic shoe manufacturing. Scarpa is an Italian language word for shoe.

Since 1938, Scarpa has launched exceptional shoe designs for hiking, trail running, mountaineering, climbing, and other outdoor activities.

This model incorporates a slipper design with a Vibram XS rubber edge and a single strap fit.

The top-notch quality rubber ensures resistance against deformation while climbing over the rigid mountains and stones.

It is a perfect solution for hard-rough lands to gym routes overhanging. The bi-tension randing contributes to sensitivity and accurate pressure points.

The entire shoe is made up of 100% pure and imported leather. The customer feedback reports indicate that these pure leather shoes are highly sturdy to wear and tear.

You can walk over the sloppy steep paths with confidence due to its highly flexible rubber sole.

In addition to this, the induced Vibram xs edge at the fore-end foot maximizes the griping along the surface.

For more precise heel hooking, the Vibram xs grip is used at the lower bottom.

It is the perfect choice for beginners and middle-level hikers, not recommended for expert climbers.

Furthermore, the mid-length outer sole secures the body of the shoe against any sort of damage.

What we Like!
  • 100% pure leather

  • Perfect grip
  • Durable
  • Mid-length sole
  • Adjustable strap

What we Don’t Like!
  • Little tight at first

3. Five Ten Climbing Shoe Men’s Anasazi Moccasym

Five Ten Climbing Shoe Men's Anasazi Moccasym Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Price at Amazon

Don’t stress yourself about your wide feet!

Yes! You can enjoy the adventure trip without being fatigued or sore feet.

Grab your hands on a soft, comfortable, and easy to wear and put-off climbing shoe for this purpose.

Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe is a perfect combination of all these aspects.

It is a split-grain leather made climbing shoe that follows a slipper style in its design.

The rubber sole gives you maximum support and cushioning throughout your adventure trip.

The triple pull tabs keep your wide feet perfectly fit and in place. It will take a few seconds to wear shoes.

The side exit heel seam contributes to its easy to put on and off mechanism. The slingshot heels provide accurate pressure points and heel hocking throughout the hiking activities.

The lower sole is made up of stealth C4 rubber having a 4.2mm thickness.

Moreover, the sole can be replaced, just in case, get wear or tear.

The Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe delivers comfort and high-performance for climbing and bouldering purposes.

As per customers’ feedback reports, the buyers loved the comfortable, perfect fit, and cozy shoes.

However, It comes with limited color variations for the users.

Wide feet people feedback shows that they are quite satisfied and happy with their Five Ten Men’s Climbing Shoe

What we Like!
  • Leather made

  • Rubber sole
  • Tipple tab pulls
  • Replaceable sole
  • Cozy and comfy

What we Don’t Like!
  • Not down-turned

4. Sportiva Men’s Miura

Sportiva Men's Miura Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet Price at Amazon

Choosing a climbing shoe for wide feet people is quite difficult and time-consuming!
Here we have low-profile and narrow toe-shaped climbing shoes for people, especially with wide feet.
Sportiva Men’s Miura is a perfect combination of stiffness and body balancing.
As compared to the competitor’s climbing shoes, Sportiva Men’s Miura has a harder rubber that adds value to its performance and longevity.
The well-shaped outer edge provides security to the inside foot whenever your shoe gets in contact with the hard surfaces.
This model has enough strength to face straight-in mountains and great sensitivity for edgy notes.
The quick lacing system lets you fasten the shoe with perfect grip and really fit.

Thus, an easy-on/off allows you to get ready for the adventure tour in a matter of seconds.
The quality of laces is exceptional as they don’t get degraded over the years. The material used in lace is comfortable and thick.
Its slips made bottom provide maximum support and grip. The 100% pure leather is used in the manufacturing of Sportive Men’s Miura. The upper material is also made up of leather.
Although it is not the most sensitive or soft shoe, it yet performs well for wide feet!
In addition to the highly durable leather, the fine dentex lining and Vibram xs Edge rubber makes it a genius model. This model is also entitled as “Best edging shoe” for outdoor trips.

What we Like!
  • Leather made shoe

  • Lacing system
  • Slipper like bottom
  • Fine lining
  • Rubber sole

What we Don’t Like!
  • Not-suitable for women

5. Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe

Tenaya Oasi Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Price at Amazon

Tenaya Oasi Rock Climbing Shoe is another hit model in the athlete accessories market.
“Tenaya” brand has ruled over the shoe-industry since 1997. If you have a look at the history of Tenaya then its specialized sports shoes are worn by Roman Julian, Alex Megos, Chris Sharma, and other athlete celebrities.
Apart from this, it also contributes for the advancement of sports and championships.
Be attentive, women with wide feet and seeking extra-ordinary climbing shoes for their adventurous trips. This model is compatible with both women and men.

Available in different sizes for all kinds of footholds.
According to the customer feedback reports, this model has an amazing construction and design that works with precision in different situations.
Enjoy bouldering, mountaineering, and hiking by using this ultimate versatile shoe. The look and feel of this model is impressive as it has a curved toe, drop-down, and patent closure system.
The user can wear it easily without any sort of stress or curve on the front feet.

The perfect fit to run over the rough surface.
This model ensures the perfect balance to keep the body align and protect against injuries. Aggressiveness lets you bend and transfer maximum power to the toe for effective edgy performance.
As compared to other competitors’ brands, it is a little expensive to buy, but value your money.

What we Like!
  • Synthetic material

  • Vibram rubber sole
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Velcro closure system
  • Wide size range available

What we Don’t Like!
  • Huge heel cup

Things to Consider When Buying the Top Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet :

If you need to identify the right climbing shoes for your wide feet, here is a complete buying guide. It discusses all the crucial factors and tips related to buying climbing shoes.
The material of the shoe:
This is an ignorable factor since you can’t climb mountains with glass slippers. That is why it is absolutely crucial to choose the right material for your climbing shoes especially if you have wide feet.
Typically, good quality climbing shoes are either made of leather or fabric, or even both.
Your choice of material would depend on whether you prefer comfort or prioritize performance and durability above all.
In that case, if you are someone who sweats a lot and needs shoes that have good air passage, then you should go for fabric-made shoes. They are comfortable and make sure your sweat doesn’t soak.
If you are someone who prefers stability, durability, and performance over comfort, then you should definitely get leather shoes.
Furthermore, leather-made shoes tend to stretch over time, therefore taking care of fitting problems.
The Shape and Size of your Feet:
This is an obvious factor you need to consider. Besides size, the shape of your feet is an important contributor to whether the shoes will be a good fit or not.
Even though many shoes stretch to fit, not all will accommodate wide feet by stretching on the sides. Therefore, you should always consider your feet’s shape and size more than anything else.
Since climbing shoes are made to fit more tightly than regular shoes, you should make sure you aren’t buying something too uncomfortable or tight assuming they might stretch.
Sole of the Shoe:
Whether it’s rock climbing, trekking, or any other extreme sport, your shoes need to support you all the way. Therefore, you need to choose the sole of your climbing shoes very carefully.
The sole not only helps in gripping but also keeps your foot comfortable. For your wide feet, you should choose shoes that use rubber of the highest quality in the outsole.
The insole of the shoe should be lightly padded for adequate comfort. With wider feet, you need extra grip around the edges.
Therefore, the sole should be made with a strong rubber that increases the durability of the shoes.
It should also be extra sticky because then you will have a secure grip and will be less likely to slip.
Level of Downturn:
Downturn refers to how the heel and toe of the shoe are angled or curve down. If you are a beginner climber, then I would recommend using shoes with less downturn.
Shoes with less downturn especially for wide feet are more comfortable and stable.
You can use shoes with a heavy downturn if you are an expert climber. This will allow you to have good maneuverability on steep cliffs. Such shoes provide good strength and support to wide feet.
Climbing Style:
You might think your climbing style has nothing to do with your shoes, but this is where most people fall short.
Climbing shoes are designed differently according to the level of climbing. Some are for beginners with more comfort and grip while others are for expert climbers with great power and stability.
For instance, if you are doing outdoor climbing, then you need a shoe that can handle steep cliffs and sharp rocks. Therefore, if you have wide feet then it’s best to get a shoe that has a high downturn, is a good fit, and is made of leather.
On the other hand, if you are more into indoor climbing where the environment is controlled, then you could go for something comfortable.
For wide feet, it’s better to go for a shoe that has less downturn, made of fabric that offers good air passage, and fits perfectly.
You should always choose your climbing shoes based on your climbing style.

Faq About Cheap Best Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet :

  • Should I worry about my climbing shoes being stretched?

Most climbing shoes do stretch as it depends on the size of your feet as well as the material used. Shoes made with synthetic material stretch up to a quarter size at max. However, unlined leather shoes will stretch to a full-size. If you have wide feet, you should always buy climbing shoes which are a perfect fit. Don’t expect your shoes to stretch and fit in.

  • Is it necessary to wear socks under my climbing shoes?

This is completely a personal preference whether you want to wear socks or not. Climbing shoes especially for wide feet should be comfortable, fit, and tight. If you wear socks under your climbing shoes, then it will give improved sensitivity. However, if you are considering wearing socks, then you should increase the size of the show by half.

  • What kind of shoes are good for wide feet?

The only type of climbing shoe that is good for wide feet is the one that compliments your feet’s shape and size. Before choosing the best fit, you must know about the ratio between your foot’s width and length.

  • How tight should my climbing shoes be?

Your climbing shoes should be a balance of comfort and stability. They must accommodate your feet and provide grip without any pain. Your climbing shoes should be snugly fit without strangling or hurting your toes. New shoes take a while to stretch in but if you have constant pain then the shoes might be too tight.

  • What is the measurement of a wide width shoe?

Climbers who have slightly bigger or wider feet can be satisfied with a small adjustment by a ¼ inch increase. Other than that, you may be better suited with a ½ inch increase if your feet are wide.

  • Are my climbing shoes washable?

Your climbing shoes are not meant for the washing machine no matter how stinky they can get. The processed rubber used can be damaged by the detergent. Furthermore, the nubs in the machine can attack the rubber and thus ruining a good pair of climbing shoes.

  • What basic rules should I follow when choosing climbing shoes for wide feet?

A few things you need to keep in mind are that your climbing shoes should not be uncomfortable, they should be tight and fit, they are durable and stable, and they allow free passage of air.


The spirit of adventure is every enthusiast’s lifeline. If you are someone who enjoys the rush of climbing and extreme sports, then you must have the proper equipment.
One crucial part of your equipment is the right climbing shoes. Choosing the right shoes especially if you have wide feet is very important.
While buying the best climbing shoes for wide feet, you must consider factors such as feet size, shape, comfort, shoe design, thickness, performance, and more.
So choose from the top five shoes picked by our team to scale new heights.

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