Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

 I have reviewed the 35 Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate out of which I selected the most reliable top 5 Climbing Shoes for Intermediate  

Upgrading to an intermediate level is a big thing for passionate climbers. You wouldn’t want your gear to become a hindrance on your way to the top.

Climbing shoes are your ultimate gear and support that will help you cross rocks and lead you to heights you’ve never been before.

Following are the 5 best Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate, belonging to the top brands and used by professionals.

These products are made for rough terrains with specifics such as secure fitted, excellent comfort, high graded, and durable.

With tips and recommendations from satisfied climbers, we have compiled a comprehensive guide of the Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate.

Top 5 Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate Reviews For Quick Pick

Here is the Quick Pick table of Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate


Evolv Kronos Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

9 oz
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions: full length

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Black Diamond Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

Weight: 12.32 Ounces
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 5 inches

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La Sportiva Men's Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

Weight: 1.32 pounds
Warranty: 1-Year
Dimensions: 11.81 x 7.87 x 1.97 inches

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Tenaya Oasi Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe

Weight: 1.36 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 8.73 x 3.01 x 4.97

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Black Diamond Momentum Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes

Weight: 1.1 pounds
Warranty: 1-Years
Dimensions : 7 x 13 x 5 inches

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Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate Reviews & Buyer Guide

I have selected the top 05 most reliable Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate.

  1. Evolv Kronos
  2. Black Diamond Climbing Shoes
  3. La Sportiva Men’s Climbing Shoes
  4. Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe
  5. Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes

1. Evolv Kronos

Evolv Kronos Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

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Evolv is an excellent brand that offers amazing climbing shoes. Kronos is one of their best intermediate climbing shoes, known for proving its performance throughout the journey, from warming up to projecting hard.

These olive colored climbing shoes are designed asymmetrically with perfection and a slightly down-cambered toe profile.

It is made with a Variable thickness rand, keeping it thicker at toes to prevent it from wearing off on rough adventures.

Thinner rubber rand is added in calculated areas to decrease pressure points as well as hotspots, to give the most comfortable experience.

Bad odor can occur if you wear it for too long.

The Kronos is made with TRAX rubber soles, providing high traction and superior grip on various surfaces.

Evolv offers vegan-friendly construction with the durable synthratek VX upper and the 1.2 mm full-length midsole, making it an ideal climbing shoe.

The Hook-and-loop closure comes with an adjustable strap and provides a superior fit. While the Split tongue offers a unique look and quick adjustment.

Wear the shoes effortlessly with the double pull-loop at the backside.

Weighing only 9 Oz and built with an unlined interior, it gives a lightweight feel and enables breathable space.

Furthermore, Ultimate support and stability are achieved by a Full-length midsole and outsole.

What we Like!
  • Asymmetrical
  • TRAX high friction rubber sole
  • VTR rand
  • Instant wear with double pull loop
  • Synthetic/Synthrotek VX upper
  • lightweight
What we Don’t Like!
  • Not highly recommended for edging

2. Black Diamond Climbing Shoes

Black Diamond Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

Price at Amazon

Engineered with synthetic Knit Upper and Velcro straps for closure, the black diamond is one of the most comfortable, secure, and stylish climbing shoes out there.

They offer maximum ease, flexibility, breathability, balance, and all the qualities compatible with intermediate activities.

Velcro Straps provide the midfoot with a snug fit and creates a locked-down fit to give maximum control as well as power. Create the perfect balance with the Medium Flex Midsole and feel the ground below with optimum sensitivity.

The heels have air pockets so you have to tight both the straps properly.

The molded durable Outsole is made with durable stiff rubber, letting you experience the outstanding performance of the black diamond for a long time.

This kind of rubber is essential for use on terrains with small cracks and crevices. So don’t let this product slip away if you’re keen on activities such as edging, hard and steep climbing.

Get in your zone with the traction and grip climbing calls for. The Medium Flex Midsole is the key for Momentum Climbing. The low profile midsole provides maximum cushioning to reduce fatigue and provide proper sensitivity to feel underfoot changes.

The 4.3mm Fuse Rubber is made using a 4.3mm the Zone molded to give precise consistency and results.

What we Like!
  • Downturn last for steeping
  • Engineered knit technology for breathability
  • The molded durable rubber outsole
  • 4.3mm Fuse Rubber for optimal consistency
  • Medium Flex Midsole provides the right sensitivity
  • Comfortable two-strap velcro
What we Don’t Like!
  • Rubber not sticky enough for toe hooking

3. La Sportiva Men’s Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Men's Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate


Price at Amazon

La Sportiva fulfills the needs of every enthusiastic climber through their gear, with innovation, accuracy, and sensitivity. They present you with award-winning intermediate climbing shoes.

La Sportiva pays great attention to tiny details in their products. The Tarantula’s adjustable closure, the hook and loop design, is easily wearable and fits you in a way that you’ll think it was made for just your feet.

However, buying the right size can be tricky and uncomfortable for climbers, thus the brand recommends buying a size shorter than street shoes.

The comfort is simply off the charts. It’s designed with Kiwi/Grey unlined leather, to let the skin of your feet breathe and avoid sweating when worn for hours of training. So you can easily focus on your practice skills all day, with dry clean feet.

By offering sufficient interior volume and RL 45 last, it gives an unbeatable performance, winning the hearts of numerous intermediate climbers.

The vegan-friendly synthetic design is built to last. Be it indoor or outdoor climbing, the top quality materials coupled with accurate measurements makes it tear-resistant and durable. The 1.8mm LaspoFlex attached at the midsole and 5mm FriXion RS at the outsole provides the stability you need in your career.

The special featured Sticky FriXion soles have an excellent grip on low top as well as both rock and plastic surfaces easily. The Low asymmetrical structure makes it easy to edge for intermediate climbers.

What we Like!
  • Sticky Frixion soles enable grip
  • Low asymmetrical structure for edging
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Breathable unlined leather
What we Don’t Like!
  • Expensive

4. Tenaya Oasi Climbing Shoe

Tenaya Oasi Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

Price at Amazon

Chase your goals with the Tenaya Oasi Rock climbing shoes. Fitted with the most unique features and high-grade materials, Tenaya shoes have been worn by professionals like Chris Sharma, Alex Megos since 1997.

One of the admirable features includes the Vibram soles. They are known to be Water-resistant, durable, high traction, and flexible, covering everything it takes for fulfilling the requirements of an intermediate climbing shoe.

The unisex and synthetic design is carefully calibrated to achieve a great foothold and limit stretch as needed for certain activities. This also makes sizing more precise and consistent.

The overall weight is extremely light as it’s made of a 2D multi-layer Stretchtex insole and a comfortable Double midsole.

However, the boomerang-shaped patch of rubber is added unnecessarily and takes up space.

The versatile model can take on rough trails and bouldering. The aggressive curved shoe structure and precisely calculated angle of the toe box is an admirable innovation. Moreover, the lower heel and Patented Draxtor closure system enable you to adjust according to your foot shape and size.

Tenaya uses distinguishable specifications such as microfibre for the synthetic upper layer, two-layered, bidirectional Lycra lining tongue, and TXT treated internal cotton for an appealing look and feel.

What we Like!
  • 100 percent synthetic
  • Handmade in Spain
  • Patented Draxtor closure system for adjustment
  • Vibram soles
  • Angled toe box
What we Don’t Like!
  • neoprene inner-sleeve develops a bad odor

5. Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes

Black Diamond Momentum Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

Price at Amazon

The momentum is truly a diamond for intermediate climbers. Since climbing techniques in this stage are more aggressive than the easy level, Black diamond is keen on providing superior comfort to intermediate climbers.

Designed with Neutral and flat last, you can master vertical climbing like a pro. They are known to be a good value for money, well built, versatile, and are available in four brilliant colors.

Reach the peak with the momentum climbing shoes. The micro-fiber liner stitched on the front side of the shoe enables optimum stretch and flexibility.

The Lace-Up closure gives the fit you require in your everyday practice. With the exclusively Engineered Knitted upper, black diamond is successful in providing breathability and freshness to your feet.

These shoes are mostly recommended for long and narrow feet but don’t fit well enough on wider feet.

The precise measurement of 4.3 mm NeoFriction rubber is made to fulfil consistent durability and to give you the best performance.

The Medium flex midsole is added to give you the balance between sensitivity and support. Allowing you to feel your tracks with your instinct and enhance your climbing skills.

What we Like!
  • Breathable knitted upper
  • Lace closure provides the best fit
  • Medium flex midsole provides support and sensitivity
  • Durable rubber
What we Don’t Like!
  • Occasional black skid marks

Buying Guide for Best Cheap Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

Flat profiled shoes are worn by beginners as they align with the shape of the feet. Since you are leveling up, the ‘downturn’ aka ‘aggressive’ shoe type is ideal for intermediates. Since it molds the shape of the feet, it is arched to give the feet a ‘hooking’ position. This ultimately makes it easy to do professional tasks with less effort and more efficiency as compared to a flat profile shoe.


Shoe last is the mold that is made to determine the overall shape of the shoe.

Last shapes are mainly of two types, straight and asymmetrical. Other rare categories include highly asymmetrical, board last, slip last, low asymmetry, etc.

Asymmetry shoe shape is recommended for intermediate climbers. They direct foot power towards the big toe. This gradually increases accuracy and expert level stability on even tiny footholds. Asymmetrical shoe type is a great choice for edging and micro nubbin climbing.

  • Closure
    1. Strap
    Strap closures are simple and you don’t have to worry about getting your laces untied. They usually go by the name of Velcro.
    The laced closure allows you to adjust the pressure of the foot and give a more controlled fit option.
    3. Slipper
    It’s easy to wear slipper closed shoes, as it’s typically just an elastic strap. It secures the foot automatically into place. The best thing about it is that there are no bulky laces/straps, so it’s overall slim shaped and easy to fit into small gaps.
  • Midsole
    There are three types of soles, ranging in flexibility according to the activities you have in mind.

Firstly, Rigid soles are great for long-range climbing and edging. The extra foothold reduces fatigue and saves your energy.

Secondly, soft soles are ideal for short boulder terrains and complex climbing. Soft soles help in flexibility and adaptability but with lesser foot support.

Thirdly, medium-stiff soles, provide both support and flexibility. A must-have for crack climbers.

  • Outsole
    The outsole is the part of the shoe that mainly touches the surface you are climbing on. Therefore, the thickness and material should be taken into consideration.
    Since rubber is regarded as a standard material for an outsole, you need to choose between sticky or firmer rubbers.

Stickier rubbers give you the best grip but are ruined by abrasion more easily. The latter provides better edging and support for your foot.

Coming towards the thickness, thicker soles provide more support, but less control. Ideal Soles thickness ranges from 3mm to 5.5mm in thickness.
Thinner soles are generally preferred for smearing on slab pathways. Only after practice and when you’ve finally mastered the technique, you may more likely prefer shoes with a thinner sole for more sensitivity.

  • Material

Leather and synthetic material are mostly used for the exterior part of the shoe. Leather comes in two varieties that are, lined and unlined. They both have terrific durability as well as a stylish look. The only difference is that Unlined leather is far more stretchy than lined leather. This material is more breathable than synthetic and also inhibits bacterial growth.

If you’re a vegan, then you would be happy to read that 100 percent synthetic upper are also offered by manufacturers. They are not that breathable but can absorb the moisture to prevent bad odour.

  • Size

Choosing the right size depends on the right feels. This is a personalized decision according to the shape of your feet. Sometimes it also depends on the brand, so it is always better to consult the brand’s size chart. The size should be a ‘Snug fit’, that is, it should perfectly fit from all sides of your feet. It should not be too tight or too loose, because the displacement of your feet inside, will fail to give you the grip outside, which is desperately required for mountain climbing.

FAQs for Top Best Climbing Shoes for Intermediate

  • What is the difference between women’s and men’s climber shoes for intermediates?

Women have narrower feet than men, which is why their shoes are designed differently with smaller and longer toe boxes. They are cut lower around the ankle and also have a smaller heel cup. While the Men’s category has more volume and is wider than women’s shoes.

  • Can women wear men’s climber shoes for intermediate?

If you have bulky feet then men’s shoes can fit you about just right. However, having narrow feet cannot fit any of the men’s shoe criteria and fail to give you the firmness and grip needed in shoes for climbing.

  • How to know which one is the right intermediate climbing shoe for you?

Select the shoes and try them on. If they have no dead spaces in the toe box and toes are flat or curved to a small extent but still feel comfortable, then that means they are the closest fit yet.
Also, make sure your toes are not bunched together painfully and your heels are firmly in place.

  • What are the special features of climbing shoes required for intermediate climbers?

First and foremost, look for grip, traction, foot fitting, and comfort.

The next step is to look for materials that can offer Breathability and durability, that can be found with high-grade rubber soles and good uppers. For example, a Vibram XS sole is a favorite option and it will help greatly with edging.

Other features like laces, straps, and lining also contribute to the performance of a climbing shoe.

  • Why are climbing shoes different for intermediate climbers as compared to easy level climbers?

Intermediate level means an increase in the level of physical difficulty with more rough challenges, encountered by new techniques.
Easy level climbers use flat shoes for their task. Intermediate climbers use aggressive and curved shoes to tackle challenges at a higher level.

  • What is the difference between lined, unlined leather?

Lined leather stretches to a limited extent of half the total size. While unlined stretch up to full-size.

  • Are leather uppers better than synthetic uppers for hygiene?

It entirely depends on what you advocate for. Both materials have separate features but results are the same when it comes to bad odor, hygiene, and durability.
Evolv is a reliable brand and well known for treating their synthetic uppers with an antimicrobial coating for added benefit.

  • How to test the sensitivity of intermediate climber shoes?

Sensitivity is termed as how much you can feel the surface on which you climb on, through the shoes. Thickness is the main factor that affects sensitivity. While thickness also influences comfort and durability. A 4mm outsole is the best measurement for intermediate climbers.


Health should always be the priority no matter the task. Investing in the right climbing shoes now can save you from terrible foot pains in the future.

Be it rock climbing, mountain climbing, or hiking, the above-listed climbing shoes will bring out the best in you and protect your feet at all times.

Buy these climbing shoes to unleash your full potential and reach insane heights!

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