Best Zero Turn Mowers for 5 Acres

 I have reviewed the 25 best zero turn mower for 5 acres out of which I selected the most reliable top 7 Best zero turn mower for 5 acres  

Maintaining a lawn has become one of our day-to-day activities to achieve a fraction of perfection.  We all want a well-maintained lawn, and a lawnmower is the only tool that might help us for this purpose. If you have 5 acres wide lawn area then it should be good for you to consider best zero turn movers for 5 acres.

After all mowing in a big lawn can be an activity, which takes a lot of time and effort, but if you own a perfect machine, the work becomes easy and enjoyable.

A zero-turn mower is a machine, which is unbeatable in terms of speed, power, and manoeuvrability. People who have 5 acres of lawn cannot ignore maintenance, and oftentimes they want to have the best one machine that should be able to help them a lot.

If you are one of those people and looking for an unexceptional machine for trimming your favorite lawn, then don’t worry!

We are going to make it easy to choose the best zero turn mower for your lawn to embellish by giving you a quick review of the 5 best turn mowers for 5 acres.

Top 7 Best zero turn mower for 5 acres Reviews For Quick Pick

Here is the Quick Pick table of the Best zero turn mower for 5 acres.


23.66 Pounds
Dimension : 50.4 x 40.47 x 14.56 inches
Size: 17-inch

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Weight: 33.8 Pounds
Dimension : 48.4 x 17.7 x 42.9 inches

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Weight: 63.4 Pounds
Dimension : 54.48 x 21.36 x 39.4 inches

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WORX WR150 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

WORX WR150 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Weight: 46.8 Pounds
Dimension : 24.8 x 17.52 x 8.86 inches
Size: 23inch

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Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Cordless Lawn Mower

Weight: 67.0 Pounds
Dimension : 37 x 20 x 47 inches
Size: 30 In

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Sun Joe Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

Weight: 34.8 Pounds
Dimension : 48.4 x 17.7 x 42.9 inches
Size: 29 In

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Scotts Outdoor Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Weight: 69.1 Pounds
Dimension : 37 x 22 x 47 inches
Size: 21 In

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Top 7 Best zero turn mower for 5 acres Reviews and buyer Guide

I have reviewed the 25 best zero turn mower for 5 acres out of which I selected the most reliable top 7 Best zero turn mower for 5 acres

1. Greenworks MO24B410 Lawn MowerGreenworks MO24B410 Lawn Mower

Price at Amazon

GreenWorks is a multinational company providing battery-powered equipment from the very first day and operating around the globe.

Greenworks MO24B410 Lawn Mower is one of the best among walk-behind lawnmowers. This mower is battery operated, which runs for 35 minutes on a single charge. It has perfect maneuverability to mow at hard to reach corners.

The machine is equipped with a 24000 mAh power bank that can charge multiple devices like phones, tablets, chain saws, trimmers, and more. The machine has a three years warranty for batteries and parts, which is a great value for money.

GreenWorks is a battery-operated machine making it very environmental-friendly and cost-effective. Using this lawnmower is economical as well as fun to use and must have thing among your gardening tools

Key Features
  • Long-lasting Performance
  • The narrow bezel on 2 sides
  • Physical shutter for webcam
  • Quick and quiet with q-control
  • Bluetooth
  • Dopoundsy audio
  • 3500u mobile processors
  • Radeon graphics
What We Like!
  • Cordless
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Rust resistant
  • User friendly
What We Don't Like!
  • 35 mins run time in one full charge.


2. BLACK+DECKER CM1640 Cordless Lawn MowerBLACK+DECKER CM1640 Cordless Lawn Mower

Price at Amazon

Black and Decker are among the best companies that are making power tools since 1910, and the product under review is one of them.

Black and Decker cordless lawn mower is a 16-inch wide mover that is lightweight and compact. This machine is powered with two 40- Volt lithium-ion batteries that can operate for 30minutes on one charge.

This machine comes with a 16-inch deck with 6 adjustable grass cutting heights. The height can be adjusted with a single lever that raises all four wheels at the same time.  It can also cut thick grass as well as cut on uneven surfaces. This mower has a foldable handle that makes it so compact. Another plus is a 9.5-gallon grass bag that collects the mowed grass.

This mower can start with a push of a button, which the most convenient thing.

Key Features
  • 6 settings, with a height of cut between 1-1/10″ and 3-1/10″
  • 2 40V Max Lithium Batteries
  • Folding handles
  • 5-gallon grass box
  • Power Source: Battery
What We Like!
  • 16-Inch Cordless Mower
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • 40-volt MAX lithium-ion battery
  • Push start button
What We Don't Like
  • Less powerful
  • Overview

3. EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer String MowerEARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer String Mower

Price at Amazon

EARTHQUAKE 28463 M205 Trimmer String Mower is designed by a company that is known for innovation and versatility. This lawnmower is a strong 150 CC powerful engine that runs on gasoline.

This grass trimmer has big wheels that make this machine more rigid and make it more maneuverable on uneven surfaces. The trimmer has one of its kind features of never kill the engine.  This function is very time saving and convenient because it disengages the cutting blades to clean them.

This lawnmower has a metal body and compact design.  If you fold the handles, the machine is straightforward to store. People who love to trim their lawn area can deliberate this mower. I am pretty sure that it is not going to disappoint them anyway.

Key Features
  • 150cc 4-Cycle Viper engine
  • large 14-inch wheels
  • Gas-powered
  • Metal body
  • A cutting swath of 22.
  • Tool-less handlebar adjustment knobs
  • Never-go-flat wheels
What We Like!
  • Powerful engine
  • Big wheels
  • Cordless operation
  • Never kill engine
What We Don't Like
  • Not environmental friendly since it runs on gasoline

4. WORX WR150 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

WORX WR150 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Price at Amazon

If you want to take your weekends back and don’t want to mow your lawn running behind the mower, this futuristic, robotic lawn mower is what you are looking for.

This lawnmower has wifi connectivity and operates with an app. What you have to do is measure the area of your lawn with an app, schedule the mowing, and sit back and get your lawn mowed with your presence.

It has a rain sensor that senses that it’s raining, and it does not mow wet grass, although the machine is water-resistant. The patented AIA technology has made it easy for the machine to reach narrow passages.

Landroid has two separate motors in each wheel for perfect maneuverability.

Landroid comes back to its charging dock whenever the battery is low to charge itself and get going. It also has 5 cutting heights that can be set with a single twist of a knob.

Key Features
  • Cuts up to ½ an acre in one go
  • Wi-fi& app-controlled
  • Navigates narrow paths
  • Tackles obstacles
  • Rain sensor
  • 9″ offset 3-blade cutting disc
What We Like!
  • User friendly
  • Robotic mower
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Perfect maneuverability
  • Customized mowing
  • AI sensors
What We Don't Like
  • GPS not installed

5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Cordless Lawn Mower

 Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Cordless Lawn Mower Price at Amazon

Scotts 40-Volt 5Ah Lithium-Ion Cordless is equipped with a 19-inch cutting blade to cut a wide area in one go.  The lawnmower is battery operated and is not hazardous for the environment; still, it has extra power due to its brushless motors.

LED headlights make it very convenient to mow in the dark. The Scotts 60040S has a battery indicator on the control panel, and all 40 volts batteries support fast charging.

The Scotts has a 3 in 1 functionality, which allows side discharge, mulching, and rear bagging options. If you have 5 acres of lawn, then this is going to be your most favorite machine ever.

If you desire a neat and clean lawn for special guests or you own a hotel, then the lawn area must be trimmed. In order to make your problem, easy Scotts are going to amaze you with instant results. The Designers have made this incredible machine by keeping all your requirements ahead so that people love to buy and use this machine.

Key Features
  • 40-volt 5ah lithium-ion battery
  • 19″ cutting width
  • 3-in-1 mulching
  • Side discharge
  • 16 gal bag capacity
  • Telescoping, folding handle
  • 2-speed brushless motor
  • Led headlights
What We Like!
  • Extra run-time
  • Big battery
  • Customizable cutting heights
  • Durable
What We Don't Like
  • Only one battery included

6. Sun Joe Brushless Cordless Lawn MowerSun Joe Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower

Price at Amazon

SunJoe machinery is one of the most advanced and useful machinery in today’s world. This time we have a zero lawnmower by this brand equipping with a bunch of functional features. It comes with 40 V lithium-ion batteries and iCHRG40 through you get optimum results in a short time.

There is a need to pull cords and use gas, but you have to just charge the machine and can do your work smoothly in the presents of this machine. The Sunjoe zero mower has a powerful brushless motor that increases the battery life also exploits motor performance.

This is going to be a noiseless machine through which you can enjoy your favorite track. From the body to the exterior, each part of this machine assures quality that you may simply consider for 5 acres of lawn.

The SunJoe brushless mower is fully compact and approved by ETL. 2 years of warranty is not an ignorable point of this tool indeed.

Key Features
  • 25-gallon grass bag
  • 6-position height adjustment
  • No pull cords
  • carbon emissions
  • exclusive EcoSharp technology
What We Like!
  • Works well
  • Looks good
  • Advanced features
  • Unbeatable results
What We Don't Like
  • Not suggested for rough use

7. Scotts Outdoor Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Scotts Outdoor Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Price at Amazon

The lawnmower under review is a 62-volt battery-operated machine. It is a self-propelled machine that is why it takes less effort and very easy to use.

Scotts Outdoor Cordless Self-Propelled Lawn Mower is equipped with a 62-volt battery-operated brushless motor, which adds more power to this machine.

Since this zero turn mower is battery operated, it is safe for the environment. Dual LED headlights are a plus that the lawn can be mowed any time of the day. This mower comes with telescopic folding handles to make it compact for storage.

It has excellent batteries that can mow a medium-sized lawn several times on a single charge. Another salient feature is that it is quiet and silent.

Key Features
  • Battery-operated 62-volt brushless motor
  • variable speed control
  • 21″ cutting width
  • dual LED headlights
  • cutting height of 1.5″-3.75″
  • Grass catcher with plastic top
  • 16 Gal bag capacity
  • 62-Volt
What We Like!
  • Powerful motor
  • 62-volt battery
  • Mulching lawnmower
  • Easy bagger
What We Don't Like!
  • Durability

Buying Guide For Best Zero Turn Movers For 5 Acres

Here are some of the most important points that should be taken into consideration when you buy a Zero Turn Mowers for 5 Acres.

  • User Friendly

The foremost thing to consider is that the product should be easy to operate for all age groups.  Some people are not much technology-friendly, so it should be very user friendly.

  • Productivity

The next thing to consider is that it should be productive and should best suit your needs. It should produce extraordinary results in less time and effort.

  • Environmental friendly

The environment is the most important factor that you should keep in mind while buying a lawnmower. A lawnmower should be environmentally friendly and should not be hazardous to the surroundings.

  • Value for money

Another factor to consider is that it should be value for money. A lawnmower should have all the basic functionalities to maintain a big lawn. Check the maneuverability and cutting height functions in order to get perfect results for cutting grass on a massive lawn.

FAQ’s for Top Best Zero Turn Mowers for 5 Acres

Since we have reviewed some of the lawnmowers and their prominent features but some people still have queries. Based on some of the online reviews, we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions. I hope this will be ample to clear the confusion.

  • How long does it take to cut a 5 acre of grass?

If it’s all grass and no weeds, then approximately it takes 1.5 to 2 hours. Cutting time also depends on the terrain; if the surface is uneven, it may take a bit longer time.

  • How much should I charge to cut 1-acre of grass?

The approximate price of cutting 1-acre of grass is $175. The charges depend on the total size of the lawn. If it’s a very big lawn, the price can be reduced.

  • Is a zero turn mower better than a lawn tractor?

Yes, a zero turn mower is better than a lawn tractor.  A zero-turn mower consumes 50% less time as compared to a lawn tractor.

  • How long a zero-turn mower lasts?

A good zero turn mower can perform efficiently for 2000 hours without a major repair, which good enough.

  • Is a zero turn mower easy to store?

Yes, mostly zero turn mowers come in a compact design. Their handles can be folded and can easily be stored.


If you own a 5-acre lawn, then a lawnmower is a must-have to maintain it.  A lawnmower is a basic gadget for your lawn to look presentable.

The products we listed above are very economical and rigid, that makes them the best buy. Still, you can check for the products keeping in mind the factors discussed above.

After reviewing all these products of Best zero turn mowers for 5 acres, if still you are confused and want to know more details about this machine, then don’t forget to put a slight look at the buying guide just below these products.

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